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Wild Bird Food

If you’re an animal lover, it’s likely that it’s not just your own pets that you take care of, but also the wild birds in your garden. There may be an endless variety of birds that visit your bird feeder, or it may just be the same familiar faces. No matter what species of bird you have flocking to your garden, they are sure to love the healthy wild bird food from Direct Pet Foods. We are passionate about domesticated and wild animals, which is why we provide an extensive range of healthy food for garden birds. For delicious wild bird food that will have endless amounts of birds flocking to your garden, visit Direct Pet Foods.

We supply a wide range of bird mix, seeds, nuts, mealworms and pellets to help fuel the flight of the birds in your local area. With habitat and food loss being a major issue for some of the UK’s best loved bird species, homeowners everywhere are making their gardens a safe haven for hungry birds. There are so many species of wild bird that will come looking for food in your garden, so why not put out a variety of food to choose from? Different birds will be looking for different food types, so a mixture will ensure that your garden becomes an aviary. Buy your wild bird food from Direct Pet Foods today.

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Bow Brand Wild Bird Mix Garden 20kg
RRP: £15.26
Your Price: £12.38
You Save: £2.88

Sunflower Seed Black 12.7kg
Your Price: £12.93

Economix Pigeon Mix 20kg
RRP: £16.78
Your Price: £13.81
You Save: £2.97

Bow Brand Wild Bird Mix with Aniseed 20kg
RRP: £19.00
Your Price: £15.52
You Save: £3.48

Wild Bird Peanuts 20kg
Your Price: £31.19

Dried Mealworms 5kg
RRP: £94.99 Inc VAT
Your Price: £44.99 Inc VAT
You Save: £50.00

Dried Mealworms 10kg + 2.55kg at no extra cost
RRP: £189.99
Your Price: £73.99
You Save: £116.00


Healthy Food For Garden Birds

Local birds will always be searching for something delicious to nibble on. In the past, home owners have thrown left overs and bread crumbs into their gardens to give the wild birds a treat. However, many of these food types aren’t particularly healthy for wild birds and will more likely attract unwanted attention from foxes. To keep your wild birds happy and healthy you should choose from our range of healthy food for garden birds. All of our food is packed with beneficial protein and energy to help the birds to fly and grow. View the range of products today to find the perfect products for your garden.

Birds in your area will benefit from the food in your garden all year round. In the spring time it will help the birds to feed their young. In the summer it becomes harder for wild birds to find food due to the dry ground, so your garden will make food accessible. In autumn birds are moulting and preparing their bodies for winter, so they need the extra protein. In the harsh months, the birds will look to your garden to help them survive through the harsh winter conditions. Purchase your wild bird food from Direct Pet Foods today and you will get excellent quality in large quantities, all at the best possible prices.

Wild Bird Food At Direct Pet Foods

Direct Pet Foods are passionate about the health and wellbeing of animals. We are dedicated to providing our customers with healthy, high quality pet food at competitive prices. When it comes to pet food, we truly are the experts. We are able to provide impartial, helpful guidance to ensure that you always receive the products that suit you and your pet best. All of our stock is tried and tested, which means that it meets the highest standards of quality, but we always try to avoid premium prices. At Direct Pet Foods, you can feed your wild birds some of the best products available, without breaking the bank.

If you require any more information about our wild bird food, get in touch with a team member today. They will be able to ensure that your garden birds are receiving the best food products for their species.