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Dog Whistles

If you’re looking to start training your dog then Direct Pet Foods has the perfect accessories for you, with whistles which can be heard by dogs from hundreds of metres away. Our low cost items will help your dog during obedience training and he or she will be running to your side in no time. Training your dog to respond to a silent whistle is just like teaching them to come to you using voice commands. Here at Direct Pet Foods you can get a selection of the best dog whistles on the market.

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Rosewood Whistle
Your Price: £1.75 Inc VAT
Armitage Whistle
Your Price: £2.30 Inc VAT

One of our specialist items is the Armitage Whistle, which is ideal for calling dogs who are roaming far away. This whistle can be heard up to 400 metres away, making it a fantastic choice for training and obedience. To use this item you simply adjust the pitch by twisting the screw before using the locking nut to retain a suitable setting. You can find the best dog whistles at Direct Pet Foods so purchase from our online store today.

Obedience Training

Elsewhere we have the Rosewood Whistle, which is available at an extremely competitive price. This item is proven to be effective during obedience training, and dog owners up and down the country have found it useful for calling their pets. It’s important to have a high quality dog whistle handy when you are looking to train your pet, which is why you should browse the store at Direct Pet Foods before picking the ideal item for your animal.

Why should I choose Direct Pet Foods?

For years we’ve been supplying pet owners with everything they could need to look after their animals, and our extremely high level of customer service keeps people coming back for more. From food to health products and toys, Direct Pet Foods strives to provide the best deals on the market. Our staff are always on hand to give you any assistance you might need, so when you’re looking for new dog whistles there’s no better service than ours.

If you would like to know more about dog whistles for obedience training, or if you’d like to hear details about any of our other products, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of our team today.