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Super Premium

Here at Direct Pet Foods, we care about the health and nutrition of your pet. That’s why we only ever supply the best quality dog food on the market. The pet food we provide is guaranteed to provide plenty of healthy vitamins and nutrients to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy. If you are searching for the ideal dry pet food for your dog, you should look no further than our Super Premium range. With puppy and adult products, as well as a great choice of flavours – our range is designed to support your pet. The quality assured ingredients are sure to make every meal for your dog a delicious and nutritious one.

Our Super Premium products fit all of the high standard specifications, so you know exactly what you are getting. Each of the Super Premium flavours is full of natural flavours, with no inedible products mixed in. There are a wide range of ingredients that should be avoided when trying to ensure your dog has a healthy lifestyle. The Super Premium range uses only the best animal based protein, providing your furry friend with the high-quality muscle meats they need to grow strong and healthy. For dry food that has great taste and excellent ingredients, Super Premium should always be your first choice.

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High-Quality Dog Food

Super Premium dog food has to meet a number of varying requirements in order to gain its classification. The ingredients incorporated into the high-quality dog food formula should have at least a ‘human grade’ classification. Super Premium dog food does not contain fur, beaks, feet, or any other parts that would generally be considered inedible for human consumption. The formula is also typically free of artificial colours, artificial flavours or chemical preservatives. These can all be detrimental to the health of your pet, but with Super Premium you can rest assured that your dog is always getting the best.

The hypoallergenic Super Premium range at Direct Pet Foods is both wheat and gluten free, making it the perfect choice for sensitive digestion and dietary intolerances and allergies. We provide a wide-variety of Super Premium dog food that provides an excellent nutrient rich diet that is energy dense and delicious for your pet. Our Super Premium range is the perfect money saving alternative for pet owners who want to provide their pet with the quality of James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin and Burns, but find the price is too high. For high-quality at an excellent price, choose Super Premium from Direct Pet Foods.

Why choose Direct Pet Foods?

Here at Direct Pet Foods, we are passionate about supplying your pet with premium quality food. If you want dry dog food that is not only healthy but cost effective too, Super Premium is the ideal choice for you. Choose from the range at Direct Pet Foods and you will receive the best prices, as well as fantastic customer service. We always strive to provide fast and efficient delivery, so that your pet can receive their food as quickly as possible. For premium pet food and low prices, Direct Pet Food should always be your retailer of choice.

If you have any more questions about Direct Pet Foods, or if you want to find out more about our Super Premium range, you can contact a friendly team member today. We will talk to you about all of our products, and give you the best advice to suit your pet’s dietary needs. For unbeatable healthy pet food, always buy from Direct Pet Foods.