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Pro Plan Cat Food

It’s safe to say that all cat owners want the best for their pets. Whether it’s buying them shiny toys to play or keeping them well-groomed all year round, it’s these little things that help us show our affection to our beloved feline friends. However, while it cannot be underestimated how much these things improve the quality of life for a cat, there really can be no greater gift that tasty, nutritious food to keep each of their nine lives well intact.

Pro Plan cat food allows you to do exactly that. As one of our most popular brands – as you can see from the diverse range of Pro Plan products we continue to stock – they have managed to reach out to owners of cats of all breeds and ages, catering for the sometimes-fussy nature of their pallet. By doing so, Pro Plan cat food has managed to establish itself as one of the leading providers of high-quality, low-price food that allows cats to access the right balance of nutrients and minerals that lead to a longer and healthier life.

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Proplan Junior Cat 3kg
Your Price: £17.32 Inc VAT
Proplan Cat Adult Light 3kg
Your Price: £17.32 Inc VAT
Proplan Cat Adult 7+ (Senior) 3kg
Your Price: £17.32 Inc VAT
Proplan Cat House Cat 3kg
Your Price: £17.32 Inc VAT
Proplan Cat Adult Delicate 3kg
Your Price: £17.32 Inc VAT
Proplan Cat Adult - chicken 3kg
Your Price: £17.51 Inc VAT
Proplan Cat Adult - salmon 3kg
Your Price: £17.51 Inc VAT
Proplan Cat Adult - chicken 10kg
Your Price: £35.15 Inc VAT


Healthy Cat Food by Pro Plan

Healthy cat food by Pro Plan is an investment that will pay dividends to your cat year upon year. As a kitten, gaining the right balance in their food is particularly crucial as they learn to be independent, free from the security of their mother’s care. Pro Plan cat food takes into account the need for a high level of strong antioxidants to help your cat build up their immune system, with a perfect mix of protein and energy to ensure they are on the right path as soon as they begin to establish themselves as a valued member of your household.

Despite popular opinion, what a cat eats in their formative years does not necessarily have to be the blueprint of their diet for the rest of their lives. If your cat is fully grown, healthy cat food by Pro Plan can be the perfect way to prolong their life in the best way possible. Key functions that may cause your cat issues as they reach their twilight years, such as their urinary and kidney system, can be strengthened with the help of healthy cat food by Pro Plan. By providing your pet the ability to create defences against the build-up of unwanted toxins, you can expect to maximise the time you get to spend with it – something that will unquestionably prove to be invaluable later down the line.

Pro Plan at Direct Pet Foods

Here at Direct Pet Foods, our commitment to quality is something that we do not compromise on, and that is reflected in the calibre of brands we stock. For more information on the benefits of healthy cat food by Pro Plan, do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced team today and we’ll be happy to provide you with impartial and informative advice as to what foods may be suited to your pet.