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Straight Feeds For Horses

At Direct Pet Foods we are adept at providing customers with a wide selection of healthy food options for their pet and our horse food follows this policy. If you want the most nutritious straight feeds for horses then you’re at the right place. We will get these excellent products to you the day after you order them when you checkout before 1pm. We are passionate about customer and pet care. We stock leading brands for these elegant animals which gives them precisely the right nutrients they need to function properly and be happy.

Baileys horse food is a must have due to its ingredients and affordability. This brand is held in high regard for many reasons. Firstly, their food is high in fibre and one product is suitably named Baileys Everyday High Fibre Cubes to reflect this. This 20kg packet should be bought for horses and ponies in light work or at rest. These cubes contain vital vitamins and minerals to promote your horse’s well-being. A glossy coat is an additional advantage from buying Baileys straight feeds for horses. This item may have numerous nutritious qualities, but at Direct Pet Foods we don‘t feel this should price people out of the market. For this reason, this is sold at amazing value.

Baileys Horse Food

Another Baileys product sold by us is their Top Line Cubes. These are barley-free, easily digestible and are full of protein to enhance your horses’ growth and repair. The versatility of this food makes it hugely popular for owners to buy and horses to eat. It is suitable for every type of horse and pony whether they are at rest, in work or competing. We are committed to selling the best straight feeds for horses at affordable prices. You are at the right place if you want quality combined with terrific value. It’s fair to say that Baileys horse food is right up there with the best brands in this field.

Another horse food sold here at Direct Pet Foods is from Top Horse. With 18 per cent fibre contained in their cool cubes this is another effective way of keeping your pet healthy. For older dogs buying the Badminton Veteran Mix could be what you’re looking for. This is high in protein which helps horses maintain a good overall condition and of course muscle, too. A healthy digestive system is another positive result, due to digestible fibres releasing energy. Whatever brand you decide to buy, your horse is bound to be happy with their food.

Why Choose Direct Pet Food?

Bailey’s horse food and other straight feeds for horses are available today from our website. We have a large customer base through outstanding reliability and positive feedback from those who have used our website. So why choose Direct Pet Food? To summarise, we have the best brands available at amazing value and our variety of products means that your pet will get the best option. Next-day delivery is available, highlighting our dedication in making customers happy. Our straight feeds for horses do just that.

If you would like to place an order or contact a member of our team then please email us at Sales@directpetfoods.co.uk . We’re based in Essex, but deliver around the UK so you can trust us to get all types of pet food delivered on time.