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Hamster and Gerbil Food

A lot of thought goes into catering for your pet and at Direct Pet Foods we make a full effort to stock the very best brands and quality for all kinds of animals. Everything we sell will be beneficial to your beloved pet, and we guarantee that our hamster and gerbil food will go down very well indeed. This mix will give your pet the energy and nutritional information it needs throughout the day.

Hamsters and gerbils are small creatures so need careful care and attention from their owners. One way of enhancing the welfare of your pet is by feeding them healthy food on a regular basis. This is what we specialise in and hamster food at Direct Pet Foods gives them the right balance between taste and healthy ingredients. This is offered at competitive prices and help our base of first-time buyers come back for more hamster and gerbil food among other things.

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Hamster & Gerbil Mix 15kg
RRP: £19.42 Inc VAT
Your Price: £16.08 Inc VAT
You Save: £3.34

Hamster Food at Direct Pet Foods

We save our customers a lot of time and hassle thanks to a commitment to fulfilling next-day deliveries wherever you are in the United Kingdom. Every animal is cared for thanks to our shelves being stocked full of excellent food options. A mix of hamster and gerbil food may look simple, but this needs to be well balanced in order to get your pet to fully function. The mood of your pet is of imperative importance as well, and consuming the best meals helps to improve their morale.

As a reputable supplier of pet food, we are the go-to company when it comes to caring for your pet. Whatever the size or shape of your animal we make sure they are well nourished through the food we sell. With decades of experience you can rely on us to deliver superb hamster and gerbil food at an affordable price. Our delivery service has similar standards to the quality of food we sell.

How we can Help

At Direct Pet Foods we ensure quality of product and quality of service are never two separate things. We combine these two vital features of our business to make customers happy and build up regular visitors to our website. Retaining shoppers is integral to us, so expect to get excellent customer service whenever you call us. Hamster food at Direct Pet Foods is affordable and a healthy eating option for this particular pet. If you would like more information from us then please give us a call and we’ll be sure to help you out.