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Guinea Pig Food

If you are looking for high-quality guinea pig food for your furry friend, all at competitive price – look no further than Direct Pet Foods. We understand how important is it to feed your guinea pig food that will support their health and nutrition. All of the guinea pig food we supply at Direct Pet Foods contains the perfect blend of fibre and vitamins to ensure that your pet has a healthy diet, suited specifically to them. If you are looking for the right pet food at the best price, you should always invest in guinea pig mix from Direct Pet Foods.

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Guinea Pig Mix with Vitamin C 12.5kg

Guinea Pig Mix with Vitamin C 12.5kg

RRP: £16.24 Inc VAT
Your Price: £14.90 Inc VAT
You Save: £1.34
Burgess Excel Guinea Pig 10kg

Burgess Excel Guinea Pig 10kg

RRP: £24.30 Inc VAT
Your Price: £23.76 Inc VAT
You Save: £0.54

Many guinea pig owners can be tempted to use rabbit food to feed their pet, especially if the guinea pig is co-habiting with a rabbit. However, it’s important to bear in mind that rabbit food simply does not contain the correct level of vitamins that is suitable for guinea pigs. These furry creatures require high levels of vitamin C in their food, which is why you should always invest in food that is specifically created for guinea pigs. Rabbits can easily digest guinea pig food, but guinea pigs will not do well on rabbit food. So, for vitamin-packed feed to please both your rabbit and your guinea pig, choose Direct Pet Foods.

High in Fibre Feed

There are plenty fresh and green healthy treats that you can feed your guinea pigs such as parsley, celery, broccoli, kale, spinach and cucumber. Nevertheless, these treats should only be given as part as a balanced diet and not as a diet staple. Too much vegetable produce can cause diarrhoea in guinea pigs, which is why green veg should only be given alongside high in fibre feed. Guinea pigs need to keep their digestive systems with two kinds of fibre moving through the gut at all times. For feed that is packed with both digestible and indigestible fibre, choose from the range at Direct Pet Foods.

The indigestible fibres in our guinea pig feed will help to keep the digestive system moving and their appetite stimulated. The digestible fibre is used to provide good bacteria and provide essential nutrients as it passes through the digestive system. If guinea pigs don’t get the right amount of both beneficial fibres, they could suffer from serious health problems as a result. All of the guinea pig mix from Direct Pet Foods contains the vitamins and fibres that are needed for a healthy balanced diet. Not only that, but your furry friend will love the delicious taste.

Guinea Pig Mix From Direct Pet Foods

Here at Direct Pet Foods, we are dedicated to ensuring that your pets get the highest quality pet food on the market, at the best possible prices. Our guinea pig food is carefully chosen by our experts in order to ensure a healthy balanced diet for your pet. We understand how much you love your guinea pig, love them back with nutritious and delicious food that will keep them happy and healthy for longer.

If you have any questions about Direct Pet Foods, get in touch with a member of our team today. We can answer any of your questions about guinea pig feed and we will help you make the right choice for your pet. For excellent products at unbeatable prices, browse our range today.