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We all know it is important to treat dogs regularly for fleas and worms, but what about dental health and ear mites?

Tooth and ear problems can be as just uncomfortable for pets as they are for pet owners, and they are ailments that are just as important as fleas and worms to treat and prevent. Our dog health products range is a simple selection of the most highly recommended products available to treat the most common of ailments in dogs.

We offer fast delivery and minimal postage fees, which means you can get your furry friend in tip top condition with no fuss at all.

Flea Control

With Bob Martins new Flea Clear range your dog is being treated with Fipronil. This is exactly the same ingredient as Frontline, but with 6 months worth of treatments starting at less than £10, it proves to be much better value.

Worm Control

We offer worm treatments in tablet form using the active ingredient Nitroscanate. Tablets are easy and effective and can provide protection for up to 6 months.

Dental Health

With dog toothpaste and finger toothbrushes kept in stock, it’s easy to keep your dog’s teeth clean. If it's been a while and your dog needs a dental health boost, we also offer dog health products to remove plaque which are simply added to your dog’s favourite dinner. Not only that, but we now stock tablets to improve smelly breath!

Ear drops

If you find that your dog is scratching his ears more than normal it could be mites or simply a build up of wax. These eardrops will help to control both, and will relieve the itching at the same time - making for a much happier pooch.