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Dental Health for Cats Taken Care of at Direct Pet Foods

Dental Health for Cats is a serious issue, and one that can be costly for owners if not attended to. Visit Direct Pet Foods and keep your cat healthy today.

Here at Direct Pet Foods, one of our core beliefs is that a healthy cat equals a happy cat. While the nutritional goodness in our range of cat foods is a huge part in ensuring that your pet is able to live a long and comfortable life, we would be naïve in thinking that this is the only factor that contributes to this.

Our selection of dental health products for cats is full of essential assets for any cat owner in the country. We are aware that all cats are, of course, different – this means that different approaches will need to be adopted by different owners in order to work towards the best method of maintaining dental hygiene for cats of any age.

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Johnsons Sweet Breath Tablets
Your Price: £2.39 Inc VAT
DentiFresh Finger Toothbrush
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ProDen Plaque Off
Your Price: £13.36 Inc VAT

Some cats will flat out refuse to let you encroach on their mouths, regardless of the time and effort you put into doing so – this can put owners off for fear of causing stress to the animal, and this is completely understandable. It’s important to know that there are various ways to ensure that the dental health of your pet is taken care of without having to break the bank with veterinary fees and medicines; this is where Direct Pet Foods comes in to lend a hand.

Dental Hygiene for Cats

If you get into a semi-regular routine of helping your cat maintain their dental health, it will serve them extremely well later down the line – not to mention protecting your bank balance, too. From a DentiFresh finger toothbrush to Johnson’s Sweet Breath tablets, we’ve got all bases covered to ensure the dental hygiene for your cat is taken care of effectively and – most importantly – affordably.

For example, if you let plaque build up on the teeth of your pet, there is an increasingly high chance that they will suffer from dental disease at some point in their life. Bacteria is able to breed within the plaque and while at first it may be difficult to identify, it can cause serious problems as cats enter middle and old age.

Why not try some ProDen Plaque Off to keep those teeth protected? Our great value products are the easiest way to provide a platform for your cat to have healthy teeth and gums for their entire lives. Get in touch with us today.

Dental Products from Direct Pet Foods

Here at Direct Pet Foods, we pride ourselves on putting the needs of your cat first and we feel that this is reflected through our high standards of customer service, our great range of products and our commitment to keeping prices as low as possible.

If you feel that you need a bit more information or insight regarding dental heath for cats, make sure you contact one of our experienced team today – we’ll always be on hand to help you out where possible.