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Dental Hygiene for Dogs Available at Direct Pet Foods

Dental health for dogs helps maintain healthy gums, reduce plaque and eliminate bad odours from products at Direct Pet Foods. Contact us for more info.

At Direct Pet Foods we are committed to providing the best brands to cater for all your animal’s needs. We firmly believe that a healthy dog is a happy one, so we stock nutritious items at affordable value so owners can see the effects for themselves. Our range of healthy pet food helps dogs maintain a healthy weight among other things, but this is not the only area where care needs to be taken. Dental hygiene is integral to a dog’s overall happiness and their teeth and gums need to be well looked after.

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Johnsons Sweet Breath Tablets
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DentiFresh Finger Toothbrush
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ProDen Plaque Off
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As much as we love our dogs, if dental health is not prioritised then their smell can linger throughout your home. An effective way of eliminating bad odours is by getting reliable products offered here at Direct Pet Foods. We sell Johnson’s breath tablets which are suitable for both cats and dogs. Although our selection of nutritious pet food goes down well among all animals we cater for, like humans, adequate care needs to be taken towards their teeth. Dental hygiene for dogs is particularly important in terms of developing their teeth and ensuring they have healthy gums.

Dental Hygiene for Dogs

It can be easier said than done to improve your dog’s dental health. Progress is often difficult to achieve when attempting to brush their teeth if they rush away from the toothbrush. An effective way of combating this is by breaking Johnson’s breath tablets into a snack or meal or even by simply offering them as a treat to your pet. Dental hygiene for dogs is also improved by ProDen Plaque Off which does exactly as its name suggests. This is suitable for cats and dogs with the benefit of controlling plaque, tartar and bad breath. Your dog will be able to consume this without fuss because it can be added to their food.

For those who would rather manually clean their dog’s teeth a DentiFresh finger toothbrush is available to buy from our website. If your dog doesn’t mind their teeth being brushed then this is a cost-effective way of improving your pet’s dental health. In order to do that it is essential you have the right toothpaste to whiten teeth and help to maintain healthy gums. Johnson’s toothpaste for dogs and cats helps to achieve this and affect dental hygiene for dogs. Everything we sell can be ordered for next-day delivery and this reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction around the UK.

Why Order from Direct Pet Foods

As well as offering premium quality pet food at competitive value we sell other items that can help your dog become healthier. If you are interested in our dental health products or want any information on what we sell, please contact a member of our team today.