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It may seem as though caring for a pet is a simple enough theory, but actually putting this into practice can be more difficult than some imagine. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a pet and dogs need regular attention to ensure they are happy and healthy. From the food they eat to the toys they own, every detail makes a noticeable difference to the well-being of your pet. Dog bowls may not fall into this category, but they are a necessity nevertheless. Bowls for dogs at Direct Pet Foods are available under different categories so you can get the exact one you’re looking for.

When it comes to looking for pet accessories there are not many companies that stock such a selection of dog bowls which are sold at competitive prices. Having accessories are not just add-ons, they have a major role in the daily lives of you the owner and your beloved pet. Your dog, whatever its size or breed, is well catered for with regards to dog food here at Direct Pet Foods, but they’re also helped by the number of dog bowls available. From stainless steel to non slip bowls we are confident that there is something for all on our website. Call us today if you would like to hear more information.

Bowls for Dogs at Direct Pet Foods

With any pet, a clean bowl is a always good sign. However, this can be sometimes be achieved too quickly if your pet has worked up an appetite during the day – consequences include indigestion and vomiting which causes inconvenience and annoyance for their owners. In more dangerous cases, your pet’s life could be in danger.

Rapidly eating can causes a painful condition known as gastric dilation volvulus so we sell an anti-gulping dish which encourages dogs and other pets to eat at a much slower pace, reducing excess air intake. Our range of non-slip bowls can be cleaned in the dishwasher and they avoid absorbing food odours which helps maintain a nice smell around your home. Bowls for dogs at Direct Pet Foods can therefore improve your pet’s well-being, rather than just being a food container.

Why Should I Order from Direct Pet Foods?

With next-day delivery available we quickly distribute products across the UK at good value and with good efficiency. We have an array of products for your dog and other pets. For more information have a look at our product pages, or if you would like to hear answers, contact a member of our team today.