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Autarky Adult Complete 12kg
RRP: £21.49
Your Price: £18.16
You Save: £3.33

Autarky Mature Lite Complete 12kg
RRP: £21.49
Your Price: £18.16
You Save: £3.33

Autarky Puppy/Junior Complete 12kg
RRP: £26.99
Your Price: £22.44
You Save: £4.55

Autarky Dog Food

Your pet dog needs the best nutritious ingredients regardless of their age and this is an area our products stocked at Direct Pet Foods excel in. We have a huge range of noteworthy and impressive brands for you to choose from. The Autarky dog food we sell demonstrates that healthy eating does not have to be expensive. You’ll struggle to find a company which matches us for variety as well as affordability with an extremely efficient service to match.

We recognise just how important well-balanced diets are for every animal and our selection of high-esteemed dog food companies underlines how seriously we take keeping your dog fit and healthy through the food sold on our website. Whatever the age or size of your pet, we are committed to aiding their development by stocking excellent nutritious options. Your dog will show its appreciation by being more energetic along with having a better mood and digestive system as opposed to eating unhealthily.

Giving your pet human food as a treat may be tempting, but you should resist doing so as it could put more fat on your pet while causing them stomach upset. Autarky dog food will not have this negative effect due to their benefits for your adult dog’s immune system as well as giving them strong teeth and gums. This range has remarkable nutritional goodness for grownup dogs and is an essential component of maintaining a well-balanced diet.

Nutritious Ingredients

Our company is also dedicated to catering for junior pets, with a wide choice of puppy dog food found across the website. Autarky have an appetising pack of chicken bites which are small enough for puppies to chew with the right amount of effort so their teeth develop without struggling when eating. After all, meal times are the most eagerly anticipated time of the day for most pets, so we ensure your dog will be happy when consuming their food.

While the food will be gratefully accepted by your dog because of its taste, the protein, energy omega fatty acids and vitamin E help their growth and development greatly. In your dogs early years it is crucial that they have a healthy diet and get regular exercise so their bones are strong and they are excited at the prospect of a walk or meal.

We also realise that a dog’s diet needs to be altered as they get older, which is why we sell Autarky dog food for mature pets. Although this still has lots of nutritious ingredients, the calories are reduced as your dog will do less exercise as it advances into the senior years. For this reason, it could put on excess fat so the calories are cut down in Autarky’s Mature chicken pack.

Puppy Dog Food

From mature to puppy dog food our team are excellent at getting your orders to you the day after you order them. Our high appraisal from customers around the country proves that the service we provide is reliable and will quickly give your dogs crucial development throughout tasty options. For more information please contact one of our team today.